Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FYI: AGs' Servicer Reform - The 27 Pages of Proposed Settlement Terms

As widely reported in the media, attached is a copy of the proposed 27-page settlement term sheet, provided to the five largest mortgage servicers by a national coalition of state Attorneys General and reportedly also by federal banking regulators.

The proposed terms touch on a variety of areas, including:

-  Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Information and Documentation, including:  (a) standards for affidavits and sworn statements in foreclosures and bankruptcies;  (b) verification of borrower account information;  (c) documentation of rights to note and chain of title; and  (d) quality assurance systems and audits;

-  Loss Mitigation Requirements, including:  (a) a loss mitigation requirement;  (b) prohibition on "dual tracking;"  (c) requirements for a single point of contact and single electronic record;  (d) outreach efforts for loss mitigation;  (e) independent auditing for SCRA compliance;  (f) loss mitigation "portals" for borrowers and housing counselors;  (g) specific loss mitigation timelines;  (h) independent review of loss mitigation denials;  (i) required support and funding for state-based foreclosure prevention hotlines;  (j) application of the FHA Short Refinance Program to non-FHA loans;  (k) staffing and technology requirements;  (l) standardization and disclosure of proprietary loan mod programs;  (m) principal reductions;  (n) second lien loan modifications;  (o) free document delivery services through national retailers;  (p) consideration of final or "back-end" DTI in loan modification applications;  (q) monetary incentives and other provisions for short sales;  (r) transfer of servicing issues; and  (s) other loss mitigation related matters;

- Restrictions on Servicing Fees, including:  (a) requirements that all such fees and bona fide, reasonable, and disclosed in detail to borrowers;  (b) maintenance of a fee schedule for disclosure to borrowers;  (c) limits on attorneys fees;  (d) prohibition on so-called "pyramiding" of late fees and other late fee restrictions;  (e) limits on third-party fees;  (f) and requirements for lender-placed insurance;

-  General Servicer Duties and Prohibitions, including:  (a) a duty of good faith and fair dealing to borrowers;  (b) a duty to ensure that distressed properties and charged-off loan properties do not become blighted; and (c) a duty not to unreasonably delay foreclosures and transfers of title as to abandoned properties;

-  General Prohibitions, including:  (a) prohibitions on deceptive conduct;  (b) prohibitions on funds payment requirements that are more expensive to consumers than certified checks or attorneys checks;  and (c) requirements to communicate with representatives of the borrower who provide written authorization and other reasonable assurances of authorization;

- Monetary Relief, in an unstated amount; and

-  Compliance Review and Monitoring, including:  (a) data reporting to federal and state regulators as to compliance with the settlement;  (b) third-party review by auditor selected by the Ags and the CFPB, and (c) penalties for non-compliance.


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