Thursday, September 30, 2010

FYI: Ohio Sec of State Refers Chase to DOJ for Allegedly Improper F/C Affidavits

In the latest assault on MERS, and in connection with the Ally affidavit news media blitz, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, Ohio's chief elections officer and the Ohio state officer responsible for licensing notary publics, today issued a directive to Ohio boards of elections that foreclosures cannot be used without further investigation to disqualify voters, notably allowing the defaulted mortgagors until Election Day to update their addresses.
Ohio Secretary Brunner also referred matters of alleged notary abuse in thousands of home mortgage foreclosures by Chase Home Finance LLC and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. to U.S. District Attorney Steven Dettelbach in Cleveland.
Brunner cited depositions of a Chase employee and a MERS corporate officer. The cited deposition transcripts are available at:
According to the Ohio Secretary, these depositions supposed reveal that 18,000 documents per month are executed and notarized per month by eight people at Chase, supposedly with testimony that:  (1) the notary and not the document fills in numbers in the affidavits used in court ordered foreclosures;  (2) no oath is administered for the signing of each document;  (3) notarized documents are not verified by the person signing and giving oath that they have personal knowledge of the contents of the documents, but rather, signers are relying on verification by others;  (4) documents are signed in bulk and notarized in bulk separately;  (5) the acknowledging notaries know this at the time they notarize documents in this process.
In addition, according to the Ohio Secretary, the MERS deposition supposedly demonstrates that after corporate status changes occurred for MERS, new designations of authority were not executed, leaving one or more individuals for the former MERS corporation continuing to delegate authority on behalf of the new corporation without authorization by the new corporation.
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